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6 mac apps that fit everyone

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You often can see lists of awesome apps that you are not going to use or ones that just do not fit you.

This one is different. This list contains simple, yet very powerful productivity boosters that totally fits everyone.

TLDR: Here’s the list of all mac apps I am using, they can be found in my dotfiles with the rest of my setup.

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That’s a new project from @sindresorhus. It is simple, yet amazing. For some reason, traditional mac clocks do not show dates and calendar. So, when someone asks you what date is it today you have to open a calendar app. Seriously?

This app solves it. It is just an improved clock with calendar and timezones.

This is a new app, it was just announced:

You might also want to hide the original clock from your status bar. That’s how it can be done.


The next app allows highlighting the currently focused window. It sounds not like much, but the feel from this app is amazing. It works great for both light and dark background. Watch this:

Looks awesome, doesn’t it?


When traveling around your files in Finder you might need to open the current folder inside your Terminal. You can drag-and-drop it to the terminal (which many users do not like) or you can use OpenInTerminal-Lite.

It adds new icons to your Finder to open anything inside your Terminal or Editor with a single click:



Spectacle allows using keyboard shortcuts to reorganize windows on your desktop.


It is a life-saver for people who have a lot of opened windows and complex workflows. Do you want to have an IDE opened next to your browser? Two key presses. Do you want your terminals sorted? Two key presses.

As simple as that.


That’s a whole set of different Quick Preview plugins in this wonderful repo.

They do amazing things to your Quick Preview, like:

  • Highlights your code code highlight
  • Allows to view image sizes Image size preview
  • Highlights, pretty-prints, and transforms json json highlight


Should I really mention Flux? Because everyone should already have one installed.

Flux turns your monitor colors to be warm at night. This allows your eyes and brain to rest. Use it!

And you can try the demo look-and-feel online.

What apps do you use? What problems do they solve? Provide like to your favorite apps and your dotfiles in the comments!

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