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I am Nikita Sobolev (Russian: Никита Соболев). This is how I usually look like:

My photo


I work as a CTO at, I also happen to be a founder of this company.

The thing I like about my job is freedom, I can:

Side projects

I also run a few side projects:

  • where I help recruiters to write great vacancies for developers (closed)
  • where I consult people about their architecture and design decisions. This project is started with sustainable open-source model in mind
  • OpensourceFindings channel where I share and advertise awesome open-source related projects, articles, and talks


I work with python, elixir, and javascript (typescript too). But, I am also familiar with many other languages.

You can check my .dotfiles to get the exact the same setup as I have.

Conferences I organize

I am also helping to organize several meetups and conferences:

Education career

I also like to spread the limited knowledge I have. I gave lectures in several Universities in Russia:

And I have also created several independent courses for #tceh, iidf, devman, and Numa Moscow.

I have also participated in Google Summer of Code 2020 as a mentor for Django Software Foundation.


I don’t have any social network accounts or any messengers. You can only find me on platforms that are listed below on this page.

I am using keybase to identify my verified online accounts.

My public gpg key is: C9F576BBC3A81B65BAF16635FF672D568AE3C73E

Contact me

Please, drop me a line if you want to:

  1. Create a new product using RSDP
  2. Audit your code
  3. Invite me to speak at your conference or meetup
  4. Invite me to make a private consulting session